Gremlin Mk 3
by Gman_builder
uploaded 2016-07-23
(updated 2016-12-26)
stock ship


The Gremlin Mk3 is my fastest turboprop yet. Maxing out at 245+ m/s. This one is also designed and built 100% by me, unlike the gremlin Mk2. This engine maxes out at 51 rad/s instead of 44.


  1. Once you launch, stage immediately after the craft loads. Otherwise you’ll get some weird jiggly kraken attack.
  2. If it happens to explode or have weirdness happen directly after takeoff over and over, restart your game. If it still doesn’t fix it you should restart your computer.
  3. Keep prop pitch medium for takeoff, or else you’ll over speed the engine.
  4. Once your up to any sort of decent speed it is difficult to make the engine fail. Honestly, this thing incorporates a double thrust bearing so it is rock solid in flight.
  5. You don’t have to monitor RPM because the engine won’t fail.
  6. Once you reach 50+ rad/s and over 230 m/s, gradually increase prop pitch so the RPM decreases to 47 - 48 rad/s. Then the plane will pick up speed. Once the engine reaches 50 rad/s again do the same thing until you reach maximum prop pitch


  1. Prop pitch is reversed due to my bad engineering. So decreasing the slider makes prop pitch increase. :P
  2. This plane is difficult to fly. For the most experienced pilots and turboprop engineers.
  3. You must go to Alt+F12/physics/drag and set the drag multiplier are to zero.
  4. For maximum RPM you have to go into your Physics.cfg and increase the RPM limiter that is built into the game. It’s not cheating because your just increasing the limit.
  5. I suggest installing V.O.I.D for a engine RPM readout. Helps with flying. I also suggest installing Pilot Assistant or MechJeb. Those help you actually fly the plane while you monitor the engine.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 319
  • Pure Stock
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