Gremlin MK2
by Gman_builder
uploaded 2016-06-14
(updated 2016-12-26)
stock ship


Current speed record holder for stock turboprops at 224 m/s
Azimech seems pretty determined to get his title back so it might not be this way for long. :D
This plane is the top fuel dragster of turboprops, so if you want to get to those speeds you must be patient and constantly monitor your engine RPM. If it gets above 43 RAD/s it will explode.


  1. Stage, throttle to full, keep it on the runway with rudder.
  2. Stall speed is around 55 m/s, but a good rotate speed is around 70m/s
  3. When you approach 100m/s you MUST increase prop pitch by switching over to the shaft and right clicking on the prop.
  4. Level out at 2k - 3k meters and start your speed run.


  1. It might take a couple tries to reach high speed because the engine is very delicate and prone to exploding at the slightest over-rev
  2. Once you level out, throttle to full and constantly monitor the shaft RPM (VOID is HIGHLY recommended because it gives you a engine rpm readout)
  3. Don’t try any turning or hard maneuvering above 165 m/s, as this will break the engine.
  4. Gets kind of tedious above 200m/s but it will get to at least 224 m/s trust me.


  1. N/A
  2. N/A
  3. Press twice fro gear up, once for gear down
  4. Emergency engine stop


  1. As I said several times earlier, you must CONSTANTLY monitor engine RPM.
  2. Global drag multiplier must be set to zero
  3. KSP has a rotational speed limiter built into it, but this has to be edited in the physics.cfg for the plane to go as fast as it is advertised. This is not cheating because your not changing the physics, your just increasing the max RPM.
  4. VOID is highly recommended 5.plane is only 254 parts so its easy on even the worst computers.
  5. I also highly recommend turning off the exhaust smoke generated by the Junos for greatly increased computer performance.



  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 254
  • Pure Stock
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