Aurora Mk2
by Gman_builder
uploaded 2016-10-04
(updated 2016-12-26)
stock aircraft


New version of my popular Aurora aircraft. This is a completely scratch build but i used several building techniques from the construction of the original. This one is slightly longer, less stocky, and lower to the ground. But they have the same wingspan.
She has 6 engines instead of the 22 in the first model. This means you’ll get MUCH higher FPS and MUCH better range because the fuel load is the same. the Mk2 has about quadruple the range of the Mk1 but it is slower off the line because of the reduced thrust. About ¼th of the engine thrust to be exact.


  1. Although this plane produces much less thrust, the top speed is still VERY high. At about Mach 5.55 compared to the Mach 5.7 of the Mk1.
  2. Operating envelope is mostly the same as the other aircraft.
  3. Handling has a VAAASSSSTTTT increase over the previous aircraft, now it is much easier to land and maneuver with. But please note that the airframe cannot handle high negative G’s while at high speeds.

In reference to the pics, the Mk2 is the longer aircraft, on the right of the top pic.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 186
  • Pure Stock
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