Mi-24 Hind Unarmed
by GillyMonster
uploaded 2022-04-24
(updated 2022-05-30)
stock+DLC aircraft
#hind #mi-24 #crocodile #helicopter #attack

My basic take on the world-famous attack helicopter first developed and used by the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The Hind was designated so by NATO, but it’s official name is Krokodil or in english: The Crocodile.

The Hind has seen use in many theaters as a sort of flying infantry fighting vehicle and, at first boasting thick armor (for an aircraft) yet relatively light armament and being able to carry infantry to their destination. It is also frequently employed as a dedicated gunship. Over the decades it has been upgraded to keep pace with modern warfare. Its resilience and offensive capacity have increased in the form of more effective targeting and countermeasure equipment as well as several models being fitted with fixed 30mm cannons or dual 23mm cannons in a flexible turret in addition to modernized air-to-ground missiles.

Despite its size it is one of the fastest conventional helicopters in the world.

Bonus: The entire engine, rotor and drive shaft assembly is shifted and tilted 2.5 degrees to the right to counteract lateral translation tendencies without requiring control input by the pilot. This lends the Krokodil a slightly lopsided appearance. In order for the aircraft to take off like normal, its landing gear is offset so when grounded the rotor blades sit level and the fuselage leans slightly left.


I/K control main rotor pitch.

J/L control tail rotor pitch (yaw).

AG 1 Starts up

AG 2 centers the tail rotor angle.

AG 4: TOGGLE LANDING LEGS LOCKED. Unlock before raising gear, press again after gear is lowered. Check to verify lock before touching down.

Other controls: See AG settings in the hangar.

Main rotor authority has been re-adjusted to make it smoother and less sensitive. Max pitch should not exceed +12 degrees.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 254
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.3

Manufactured In Manufactorum Kerjakis by TechPriest GillyMonster

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