Taniwha Research Vessel
by GethDreadnought
uploaded 2017-08-22
stock ship
#ship #crane #submarine #stock #large


Key Bindings:
[1] Toggle Thrust Reversers
[2] Toggle ladders

Taniwha Research Vessel is built with 550 parts. A ship designed to sail Kerbin’s waters to collect data and serve as a submarine tender. Crew of 20 Kerbals to control the crane and ship, and remote controlled submarine.

Crane controls are simple and 3 steeps

  • Stage craft to detach all docking ports in every stage

  • Switch vessel to winch and select ‘control from here’ on the probe core (see pic in album)

  • Use ‘w’ or ’s' to reel in/out the cable and ‘a’ or ’d' to rotate the crane

  • or you can rotate the crane from the cabin itself by using ‘q’ and ‘e’.

    The submarine also needs to be controlled by the probe core behind the light to make piloting easy. It can fly as TWR is over 1 but also stays in the water at the depth you leave it at, so good for mining underwater.

    Launching the ship is made easy by the mod ‘hyper edit’ but also can be done stock. Just make sure your not going over 20m/s when you hit the water. Thrust reverse does help with this.

    Oh and make sure to fill the crew slots. Crew can travel on the ship by ladders or by getting them to go on EVA on various doors on the outside and inside of the ship.

    Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


    • Type: SPH
    • Class: ship
    • Part Count: 550
    • Pure Stock

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