Opinicus Mobile Base
by GethDreadnought
uploaded 2017-01-22
(updated 2017-01-22)
stock base
#base #large #stock #science #transport


Key Bindings:
[1] Toggle Thrust Reverser
[2] Toggle Drills
[3] Toggle Ladders
[4] Toggle Solar Panels
[5] Toggle Ramp

Opinicus Mobile Base is built with 639 parts. TL;DR: A large mobile base that carries all science equipment, a submarine drone, and 4 VTOL aircraft. Make sure to fill all crew cabins and manually activate the VTOL engines on the aircraft as you launch them.
Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2. If there are problems with the controls select ‘control from here’ on the front crew cabin

Onipicus base:

  • 10 Gigantor solar arrays
  • 2 large mining bores
  • All science equipment located in the port and starboard bulkheads
  • 1 large ore converter located at the back of the submarine bay
  • 1 Rocomax fuel tank to hold extra fuel/oxidizer
  • Multiple ladders & lights to see at night and get Kerbals onto the surface and back again
  • Entrance onto the flight deck to move kerbals into VTOL craft
  • Top speed without jets: 38 m/s
  • Top speed with jets: 320 m/s if the wheels don’t break
  • Carries 31 Kerbals
  • Works on land and on water but don’t be above 30 m/s when hitting water or ground else there will be minor/major damage
  • Very good turning for a craft its size and will perform drifts at high speed
  • All craft are connected via dockingports and the VTOL craft can re-dock for fuel
  • Details

    • Type: SPH
    • Class: base
    • Part Count: 639
    • Pure Stock

    VTOL Craft

    After detaching the docking nodes both of the engines at the bottom of the craft have to be activated manually.
    Make sure Thrust is at ZERO when activating them or the force will be unbalanced.
    After activating the engines right click on the drone core directly behind the seat and click ‘control from here’
    The VTOL will fly without SAS but it is recommended.

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