by GethDreadnought
uploaded 2016-09-19
stock base
#base #mobile #large #big #science


Key Bindings: ¨[1] Toggle Ladders ¨[2] Toggle Drills ¨[3] Toggle Surface Harvesting ¨[4] Toggle Solar Panels

Gegenees is built with 135 parts. A large mobile base for all your possible needs!.


  • Top speed: 30 m/s
  • Very good at turning and will never flip
  • Don’t drive into bumps straight on as the front wheels might shred
  • Electricity

  • 4 Gigantor panels fitted to generate more power than you burn while moving or drilling
  • Twelve Fuel cells to generate extra power
  • 13000 units of batteries to keep you going if you don’t want to extend panels or burn fuel
  • miscellaneous

  • 2 large bores to mine to your hearts content!
  • 2 surface scanners to find the best mining spots
  • 1 large ore converter to make good use of the ore
  • 2 ladders on either side of the science lab to get kerbals to the ground and back again safely
  • Multiple lights to work in the dark
  • 4 docking ports, 2 aft and 2 bow to transfer resources to other craft
  • 7 radiator panels that automatically activate to keep your miners and converter working efficiently
  • Storage

  • 1 Rockomax fuel tank to hold any fuel and oxidizer that you convert
  • 8 mono-propellant tanks to hold mono-propellant you convert
  • 2 side mounted holding tanks to keep ore you mine
  • 1 cargo bay next to the radar dish to carry ALL THE SCIENCE!!!
  • 1 hitchhiker unit to carry 4 kerbals
  • 1 large science lab to hold 2 smart kerbals
  • Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.3.


    • Type: SPH
    • Class: base
    • Part Count: 135
    • Pure Stock

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