Berehynia Mobile Base
by GethDreadnought
uploaded 2017-06-04
stock rover
#stock #large #rover #mobile #base


Key Bindings:
[1] Toggle Solar Panels
[2] Toggle Ladders
[3] Toggle Surface Harvesting
[4] Toggle Lf+Ox Convesion
[5] Toggle Fuel Cells

Berehynia Mobile Base is built with 137 parts. Designed as an update to the Sphinx mobile base, but still made from scratch. It does everything that the sphinx can but better (and is smaller both is size and part count).

    Now generates enough charge to have drilling and ore conversion happen at once without running out of power. (fuel cells provided if solar panels are not enough)
    Ore, monopropellant, and rocket fuel tanks are bigger.
    Top speed has increased to 38 m/s on kerbin and a hard turn can be performed without the craft flipping.
    All science equipment is provided at the rear of the craft, with storage to gather as much science as you can. A communotron 88-88 is placed at the top of the hull to transmit any science you gather (and it doesn’t get in the way of the solar panels).
    Now carries up to 9 kerbals, with three command pods, two crew cabins, and one lab.
    In the case of an emergency the side columns can be detached to hopefully save most of the kerbals.

    Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


    • Type: SPH
    • Class: ship
    • Part Count: 137
    • Pure Stock

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