STS Space Shuttle ''Eriksson 4.0''
by FunkFoYa
uploaded 2017-12-09
(updated 2018-06-01)
stock ship
#STS #Shuttle #stock #replica


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 272
  • Pure Stock

Fly a STS (Shuttle) replica!

This Space Launch System has evolved during my gameplay over the last few patches of KSP. First design was pre 1.0.
It has been tested a lot and eventually I’ve decided to share it with all kerbal maniacs.

Have Fun!

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.

Adjust to your mission requirements!

The shuttle includes an airlock/docking module in the cargobay, which can be removed, if you need more space.

The current configuration is able to lift payloads from 5-20t into 400x400km orbit around kerbin. It should be fine for most demands without changing anything.

If you’d like to lift heavy payload, you can increase the amount of fuel and thrust of the boosters and the big tank(s).

For example, I’ve lifted the 40t Mullet Dyne Fuel Pod from Shuttle Challenge v5 to a 1000x1000km Kerbin orbit. Eventually I’ve brought it back to KSC.

If you dont want to bring your payload back to KSC, a syncronous orbit around kerbin or even mun is reachable.

Tips & Tricks

You can find some tips how to fly it properly in the video.

The hardest part might be the first roll maneuver, but with some practice it shouldn’t bother you for too long. If you don’t like roll-maneuvers, rotate the craft in the VAB.

In space use the OMS-engines. Control from the angled probe core.

For accurate RCS maneuvering control from the cockpit or one of the docking ports.

Dont forget to activate the fuel cells!

Before reentry, activate all control surfaces. Careful, there are two tail-fins!

In certain situations, e.g. heavy roll from a small input or not enough pitch control, you might want to adjust the authority limits.

Control from cockpit during reentry, flight and landing.

Especially when reentering without any cargo/airlock module you want to use all remaining fuel for RCS. Use the body flaps in situations, where the shuttle tends to pitch up or slip sideways.

The vertical stabilizers also act as airbrakes.

Even if not shown in the video, steep and high AoA reentries are possible.

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