SCTO "Hermes 2.0"
by FunkFoYa
uploaded 2017-12-10
stock ship
#SCTO #shuttle #carrier #plane #recovery


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 317
  • Pure Stock

Recover every part!

Have you always been looking for a full recoverable launch system for your shuttle?

SCTO Hermes 2.0 is here!
+ Shuttle Eriksson 4.0 including airlock/docking module

You can do a suborbital hop and land the carrier somewhere. Or circularize and deorbit both vessels docked or seperated.

You can even get a (stranded) shuttle back (see video @5:32 below).

The current fuel distribution is able to lift up to 20t to LKO. Fully fueled even up to 40t.

This craft is the successor of SCTO Hermes. It was built in KSP 1.1.2 and now imported into 1.3.1. I’ve just balanced the RCS. No mess around with fuel flow priority and autostrutting so far.

Tips & Tricks

You can find some hints how to get into orbit in the video above.

There is a landing gear in the fuselage of the carrier. It helps, when physics kick in, so that the docking ports can connect. After that you can retract it manually.

Deploy the flaps (AG8) of the carrier before you start. Retract after lift-off.

Climb at 10-20° pitch (depends on payload) to 15-18km.

Now pitch down for your transition to ramjet mode and climb slightly to 23-25km.

If you don’t gain anymore velocity switch to closed cycle.

The craft is designed to pitch up. If the torque is too much activate the OMS-engines and/or main engines of the shuttle to balance thrust.

In space: Switch off some Rapiers (AG6). Additionally use the main engines of the shuttle.

Staging releases the shuttle. Unlock the fuel!

Reentry of the carrier is straightforward. But don’t exaggerate you reentry angle!

The tail-fins also act as airbrakes.

For reentry of the shuttle watch out for tips & tricks of STS Space Shuttle Eriksson 4.0

Only difference is, that the shuttle landing gears are bind to abort (backspace). The drogue chute is deployed through staging.

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