[SSTO] CL-206 'Mammoth'
by Fulgora
uploaded 2017-02-15
(updated 2017-02-15)
stock spaceplane
#ssto #cargo #spaceplane


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 356
  • Pure Stock


  • Squad (stock)

[SSTO] CL-206 ‘Mammoth’

A cargo plane that can take heavy payloads to orbit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

  • up to 80t payload
  • 100km+ Orbit with at least 2400 dV to spare
  • Docking port
  • Loads of space for your payload
  • Can land at the KSC - regardless of the payload. Payload must stay in orbit though, otherwise things will get tricky (fuel balancing needed etc)
  • still horrible framerates - but slightly better than its predecessor ;)


If you build your own payload inside the craft (w/o subassemblies) adding some structural rockomax multi-point connectors helps a whole lot. Once done set your payload aside, remove the connectors and the payload will snap in the cargobay without any problems.

Launching with kOS:
  • Go to the GitHub repository
  • Read the Github readme and follow its (very short) instructions.

It is faster to launch this with a script and also a lot easier because it is impossible for things to go wrong if you don’t change the craft. You must add the KAL9000 control part before launch ofc.

If you are using the kOS script you can use 3x physics timewarp to speed things up if you like.

Ascent profile (manual)

Make sure the payload tanks are disabled and/or the docking port has crossfeed disabled

  • Enable SAS and set thrust to 100%

  • Stage (obviously)

  • The plane will take off when it runs out of runway - you must be pitching up at this point ofc

  • Disable nukes (action group 4)

  • Pitch up to 20° and continue ascent until you reach an altitude of 10km

  • Pitch down and keep your prograde(!) between 5° and 10° until you reach about 1200 m/s

  • Pitch back up to 20°

  • When Rapiers start losing power (50 - 80kN) toggle closed cycle (action group 3)

  • Toggle nuke engines (action group 4)

  • Circularise once you are satisfied with the apoapsis

  • Enjoy life in orbit - you should have plenty of deltaV left to reach pretty much any orbit you desire. (except polar maybe)

Descent profile

This assumes that the payload was left in orbit…

  • Set and execute your descent node at the beginning of the desert east of KSC so that the curve hits the water a bit west of the KSC (will add a picture later)

  • Toggle the (air)brakes

  • Pitch to ~20° up upon entering the atmosphere

  • Once the heat indicators are gone disable the airbrakes

  • Adjust your pitch to you get a nice descent to the KSC itsself - this is hard to put in numbers so just go by gut feeling

  • Make sure your speed stays above 120 m/s and your prograde is around 0°

  • Once you managed to touchdown without blowing up the runway (ye - thats a thing) hit staging until all two parachute-stages are deployed.

Given that you land with excess fuel, it makes things easier to pump some of the fuel from the tank behind the crew cabin to the back of the plane. But do not empty it completely - it is there to prevent a CoM problem on reentry!
This is a lot easier to land than the CL-204 version - or I just got a lot better at it… hard to tell ;)

Questions / Suggestions welcome!

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