UAS-10 Bismillah XP r4 MicroTug
by Fail-Man 3D
uploaded 2015-01-13
(updated 2015-01-13)
mod spaceplane
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  • Type: SPH
  • Style: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 114
  • Mods: 9
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Updated 2015-01-13 05:31 UTC: (Hopefully) Fixed an actiongroup bug (lower OMS engines weren’t part of the OMS groups)


(I was listening to Bohemian Rhapsody while trying to think of a name for this…)

Eye-pulpingly fast takeoff speed, now with a longer payload bay. More struts, more RCS thrusters, actiongroups, 400% more awesome! (Note: only 400% more awesome than the original version, which tended to flex wildly and had no RCS or airbrakes).

Created as a cheaper and safer alternative to the B9 TR-7 for highly radioactive payloads, the UAS-10 evolved from the unreleased UAS-7 Fratboy ramjet test bed.

  • AGX and MechJeb are not optional (if you value your sanity).
  • Use stock SAS in stability-enhance or prograde mode for atmospheric flight, switching between the two as needed to keep the vehicle stable.
  • Built with NEAR, not tested with stock aerodynamics.
  • Takeoff and landing speeds in the 130-250m/s range are normal (watch out for tailstrikes!)
  • Suggested glide slope 1.5 degrees for a westbound landing approach (don’t try to pull an Immelmann turn at 2.5km/s, NEAR doesn’t like it and will punish you severely).
  • Includes a SHSLS MicroTug, useful for handling satellites and propelling low-mass interplanetary payloads. It can be removed by hand-editing the craft file if you don’t want it
  • Payload-free version coming soon. Pre-integrated SCANsat SAR payload might take longer, I’m still trying to fix a physics glitch that keeps the entire vehicle stuck in one place.
  • Unlike my 0.24.2 releases (which used KSPI Lite), this one uses full KSPI (as fixed for 0.90 by Boris-Barboris of the KSP Forums)
  • Don’t disassemble the payload bay unless you want to rebuild it with new parts (it’s made of rescaled parts from Lack’s SXT, and TweakScale doesn’t save the new node positions properly).
  • Light the SCRAMjets at about 14-18km and 800+ m/s to avoid dumping lots of fuel
  • The SCRAMjets use Oxidizer instead of IntakeAir; this is provided by a converter in the aft section of the fuselage. This converter all but guarantees always-full oxidizer tanks while in atmosphere, so you may want to install oxidizer dump valves. Alchemy Technologies' resource-specific dump valves can be placed anywhere, but the Klockheed Martian dump valves should probably be placed on the oxidizer-only tank (aft end of the payload bay, just in front of the probe core) to avoid dumping fuel.

A mod aircraft called UAS-10 Bismillah XP r4 MicroTug. Built with 114 of the finest parts, its root part is B9.Cockpit.MK1.Control.ACU.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 0.90.0.

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  • B9 Aerospace
  • FASA
  • FerramAerospaceResearch
  • MechJeb2
  • NearFuturePropulsion
  • SXT
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale
  • WarpPlugin
  • Alchemy Technologies
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