Huacaya 72 ton Cargo SSTO Spaceplane
by EvermoreAlpaca
uploaded 2015-10-10
stock lifter
#SSTO #Cargo #Spaceplane
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Efficient SSTO Cargo Spaceplane. Carries 72 tons to LKO with 150 m/s extra delta V, carried within mk3 cargo bays. Stable flight, sturdy design, easy to land, minimizes use of closed cycle rocket engines to maximize efficiency.

Dry Weight: 35.35 tons Wet Weight (with fuel) 95.19 tons Max Weight (with fuel and 72 ton payload) 167.19 tons

With max payload, use this flight profile

-use full runway, -stay at sea level until 400 m/s, -climb at 20 degrees to 10km, -level out until your reach @1000 m/s -climb at 10 degrees, goal is to go as fast as possible without overheating -at 18km, activate LVN -at 23km, switch rapier to closed cycle (action group 1), and close intakes (action group 4) -climb at 15 degrees, set SAS to prograde when time to apoapsis reaches 1 minute -Oxidizer will run out, use LVN to get apoapsis to 70 km and then circularize.

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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 57
  • Pure Stock
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