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F-15C Eagle
by EvenFlow
uploaded 2018-03-13
(updated 2018-07-31)
stock aircraft
#jet #eagle #usaf #f-15 #replica

The F-15C Eagle was a development of the F-15A air superiority fighter which introduced a glass cockpit, modernized avionics and new weapon systems. It also extended the F-15s range which was sub-par in the first versions.

The F-15 up to this day stands as a backbone of the USAF and is one of the most successful air superiority fighters to ever enter service. Built with the not a pound for air to ground doctrine in mind it combines superior aerodynamics with high wing area and lifting body design to acheive unsurpassed energy retention and maneuverability.

AG1 controls the afterburners.

v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Wing strakes smoothed out
v1.2 - Horizontal stabilizers control authority has been adjusted, maneuverability increased by a small margin.
v1.3 - Engine position tweaked to be more realistic and seamless, dry thrust values adjusted to match the real Eagle’s top speed at sea level, subtle improvement of aerodynamics resulting in a 10m/s increase of top speed at sea level.
v1.4 - Rigidity of the nose assembly improved.
v1.5 - Strutting improved, some miniscule part displacement behavior after discarding fuel tanks has been fixed.
v1.6 - Strutting further improved, part displacement when staging is now as far as I can see inexistent. Fuel flow order adjusted to maintain better maneuverability with lower fuel supply.
v1.7 - Roll rate massively improved, horizontal control surfaces adjusted to better match the shape of the actual F-15.
v2.0 - Complete rework of the airframe and the canopy.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 263
  • Pure Stock

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