E.M.W. Sentinel R3
by EsnianMotorWorks
uploaded 2017-12-24
stock ship
#stock #EMW #racer #wheel #car


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 260
  • Pure Stock


The year is 1982, a new race league was created with almost no saftey regulations, allowing the racers to get more butt puckering speed than ever before while simultaneously increasing the risk by a factor of 10, E.M.W. was on the forefront, designing a new car specifically for the race, paying the driver and navigator an exorbitant amount of money for each time they climb in the race grade seats.
A stray dog is walking down the road, you stand to the side in anticipation among hundreds of others as the distant screaming of a straight 6 dual turbo gets ever louder. Moments later as the rumble of the engine flies past you, clearing the dog by about 6 feet, the E.M.W. Sentinel R3 tears down the road at 100 km/h, ripping the left mirror on a tree, nearly crashing my a hair, seconds later three more cars make the jump, all slamming back down on the dirt road as one flips and hits a tree, the other two careening onward as the saftey marshals rush towards the burning wreck. several hours later, news spreads from the finish line that the E.M.W. team won, forever making the E.M.W. Sentinel R3 a legend.

This is the perfect car for rally, a tight wheel base, good downforce and incredible maneuverability allow this beast to take on almost any rally course with ease, though commonly seen upside down from driver error. The Sentinel is a car highly sought after for motor heads everywhere.

Top speed is 275 km/h

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