E.M.W Practice
by EsnianMotorWorks
uploaded 2017-10-10
stock ship
#car #race #EMW

So i took a look at my Method and changed a lot about it, editing the chassis, and taking some advice from Azimech by streamlining it. The Practice faster and much more stable, able to reach speeds of 76.2.
I’m quite proud of this one, although i feel the front could use some aesthetic rework, maybe for the mk2 or the Method B

The vehicle preforms best above 37 m/s reaching peak performance at 60 m/s. This is the best vehicle that EMW has produced thus far, equipped with a powerful engine, dual turbo, heated leather seats, Integrated GPS and champagne dispenser.

This vehicle is probably the least safe in a collision out of all my craft, the most being the E3A5 tank for obvious reasons. if you drive it off a jump thats too high it’ll get airborne, basically your kerbal will be Sébastien Enjolras, look it up, sad stuff, anyways this car is good, buy it

Side note thanks for all the encouragement guys, it really means alot to me! <3


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 176
  • Pure Stock

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