E.M.W. Method 224H
by EsnianMotorWorks
uploaded 2017-11-18
(updated 2017-11-20)
stock rover
#Car #EMW #race #Wheel #drag


So you go to the Ke mans 24 hour race with your bud the otherdaaaay, and you got a wallet thicker than a phonebook. and sure enough, you think to your self, man, I wish I could get one of those cars. Well sure as god’s got sandals, now you can!!

Introducing the new 2018 E.M.W Method 224H, A revolutionary hybrid that can do 0 - 100 in 1.5 seconds with an incredible top speed of 435 kmh, that’s right, 435 kmh, Upping the buttpucker factor to an even higher level than the X-1 Storm by a long shot.

It has basically nothing other than the two seats and the steering wheel inside for weight reduction, if you want music, too bad listen to your navigator for frick sakes, and dont worry about the heating, the cab is so close to the engine that it sorts its self out.

Before you step in this vehicle at the dealership, you must undergo a series of Medical examinations to meet the requirements that include, but not limited to: minimal of 20/20 vision, not pregnant, can withstand a prolonged 9 G’s, no taller than 5'11 in stature, concerningly high blood pressure, marathon runner level heart health, lead foot and a solid tungsten pair of nads.

Shout out for Labenterprises for the inspiration in his glorious LMP-1 that you can find here https://kerbalx.com/LABenterprises/LAB-LMP1


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 165
  • Pure Stock
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