E.M.W Feratu GT
by EsnianMotorWorks
uploaded 2017-10-06
stock rover
#car #racecar #Esnian #metal #works

The newest car from E.M.W. as the team gets a feel for car design.
the E.M.W. Feratu GT is a whole 7.4 meters a second faster than the method, able to corner better, and maintain stability on a track as well as accelerate much faster from the streamlined shape.

It is also super safe for the driver and passenger, having reinforced points surrounding the cab to buffer any collision, from any direction, even in the rare event of a flip, you and your passenger are totally safe, Esnian design guarantee.

Top speed is 50.3 m/s or 182 km/h

I’m quite proud of this one, its really fun to drive and handles like a beaut. im gonna release another version in a few days that looks a little cleaner but is fine for now. and just as last time, im not even gonna try the course cause im a crap driver lol


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 187
  • Pure Stock

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