E.M.W Deity
by EsnianMotorWorks
uploaded 2017-10-31
stock rover
#Car #EMW #fast #racer #stock


Presenting the E.M.W Deity, the newest vehicle from our design team.

This vehicle is the physical manifestation of class and elegance, so much so that it comes with it’s own custom tailored suit upon purchase as well as an oak, gold trimmed cane, top hat and briefcase of 60,000 cash back off the price, so you can roll up to any mansion and have all the girls flocking to you as you offer rides. you might find your self sitting in your driveway revving the engine, gently rotating the chassis to the left with each press of the gas. Scientifically guaranteed to give both occupants goosebumps and uncontrollable feelings of arousal and euphoria.

The interior features a digital blutooth radio hooked up to the highest quality neodymium speakers,a fully furnished carbon fiber dashboard with sophisticated race gauges, padded carbon fiber seats with hand quilted custom fit headrests and white leather steering wheel with carbon fiber accents.

The vehicle has a steel central frame with the rest being either aluminium or carbon fiber elegantly covered in a race grade fiberglass blend with internal carbon fiber struts. The engine is a unique double crankshaft V12 with dual turbo and direct fuel injection that can push the car to a top speed of 333 km/h with impressive acceleration. features Azimech boostflaps ™ The vehicle is also designed with precision aerodynamics that allow it to corner much better than anything produced by EMW as well as not need a rear fin. It has a sloped underside at the boot to give better down force without breaking up the aero.

(i had some time and figured i’d make a TV spot for it but it turns out im not good at editing lmao)

this is probably my favourite car i’ve made thus far


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 233
  • Pure Stock

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