Stock USS Enterprise (+ Booster)
by Eric_Hamann
uploaded 2017-09-17
stock ship
#stock #replica #startrek #enterprise


A fully stock replica of the USS Enterprise from the new Star Trek movies which is actually usable. It’s mostly built out of Mk3 parts and therefore quite big, but has < 600 parts.

The craft file also includes a booster, to get the Enterprise to Kerbin orbit and a small atmospheric shuttle. I highly recommend you remove those two things from the Enterprise and use the cheat menu to put it into orbit and play around, launching this is not fun at all…

Important notes for use are below.

See the Enterprise in action:

How to use


  • right-click the Mk3 Spaceplane Command Pod and select Control from here
  • look at the action groups and the screenshots for a more in-depth view of the craft
  • play around with the fuel levels and fuel tank locks to allow for more deltaV
  • when quickloading or switching to the vessel, the part clipping can cause a rapid unplanned disassembly, Unbreakable Joints from the cheat menu while quickloading solves this issue
  • when you experience freezes in the SPH, remove the fairings in the front of the warp drives and add them again when you’re done editing the craft. Don’t ask me why, but they create serious lag in the editor

When using the booster:

  • watch the video :)
  • don’t worry about an efficient ascent path, the launcher has more than enough deltaV
  • the booster uses fuel priorities for staging, so you have to manually look on the fuel levels to know when to detach the first stage of the booster


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 853
  • Pure Stock


  • 2 Rhino LF/Ox engines for high thrust (~0.3g) and 14 NERVAs for efficiency
  • 2 VTOL Vector engines for landing on planets/moons with low gravity, i.e. Minmus, Gilly,…
  • enough deltaV for interplanetary missions (by unlocking a few fuel tanks and refueling at minmus I got 1km/s with the Rhinos + 3.5km/s with the nuclear engines) but you can get much more
  • cargo bay for the included SSTO shuttle
  • crew capacity of 54 Kerbals
  • 3 docking ports in the cargo bays around the saucer section
  • it can survive 3-4g of aerodynamic force before it breakes apart
  • it’s somewhat aerodynamically stable and survives a reentry from Kerbin orbit without problems due to its enormous drag, sadly it doesn’t survive the impact…

More screenshots:

swipe to switch images, tap to close