Sukhoi T-4MS 200 [FAR + Mods]
by Elmetian
uploaded 2017-04-04
(updated 2017-08-25)
mod aircraft
#Bomber #supersonic #variable #geometry #swing


The T-4 MS 200 was a planned supersonic variable geometry bomber by Sukhoi. Due to the demand for smaller aircraft such as the Su-17 and Su-24, and because it would come at the cost of developing the Su-27, the bomber was never built.

This is a somewhat faithful reproduction of the T-4 MS 200, the main exception being that this is a unmanned vehicle. It can carry between 5 and 10 tonnes of weapons and has a range in excess of 6000km when flying at 1km/s at 20km altitude. It has variable geometry wings that give it much improved handling at lower velocities and a bomb bay with enough room to carry all but the largest weapons.

It is strongly recommended that you install Atmosphere Autopilot. Due the aircraft effectively being a large wing, high angles of attack can result in stalling and unrecoverable flat spins. I use these settings for Atmosphere Autopilot to ensure the aircraft is always stable, with ‘moderation’ and ‘coordinated turn’ turned on.

The Red Star flag is a custom addition to the Decal Stickers mod. To add it download this, extract the GameData folder and merge it with your GameData folder. It includes the edited cfg files and the flag itself.

The BDArmory FLIR ball config file was edited so that its rescale factor is now 0.5 (found under GameData\BDArmory\Parts\targettingCam\flirBall.cfg). I did this because the original is far too large for aircraft considering they are quite small IRL.

Flight Instructions:

  • Use flap setting 1 and the wings extended for take off. The flaps provide some downforce to stop the nose rising too high when pitching up. You should use full throttle and rotate at 110m/s.

  • When performing a steeper banked turn at speeds below 240m/s, extend the flaps to either setting 1 or 2.

  • For landings, alternate between settings 2 and 3 to help reduce airspeed. Fully fueled, the aircraft will stall below 110m/s. With less fuel and weapons it can land at 90m/s.

  • To sweep the wings, unlock them with action group 10, then press 1. Wait until they have ‘clicked’ into place (you’ll see the wings jiggle when it happens) and then lock them again with action group 10.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 183
  • Mods: 12


  • Aviation Lights
  • B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
  • B9 Procedural Wings Modified
  • BDArmory
  • Decal Stickers
  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Infernal Robotics Model Rework - Core Pack
  • Kerbal Foundries2
  • Procedural Parts
  • QuantumStrutsContinued
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!
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