Kerblifter Transport Aircraft [FAR + Stock]
by Elmetian
uploaded 2017-12-02
(updated 2018-04-19)
mod aircraft
#Transport #Heavy #heavylift #Ferram


  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Squad (stock)

The Kerblifter is a long range, medium lift cargo aircraft with good STOL capabilities over slightly rough terrain. It has a maximum safe payload of 50 tonnes, and will cruise very efficiently at over 300m/s at 12km ASL.

The engines have had their thrust reduced by 30% to maintain realism, otherwise the aircraft will easily break the sound barrier. Increasing the thrust will allow the Kerblifter to carry heavier payloads.

The Kerblifter can also carry 16 passengers in the cabin, but requires only a single pilot. The cockpit is angled for maximum visibility during IVA landings.

The aircraft is designed specifically to fly with Ferram Aerospace Research installed, and may not work correctly without it. It is also necessary to use the Atmosphere Autopilot mod mod.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 60
  • Mods: 2
  • Built in version: 1.3.1

Flight Instructions

  • Turn the parking brake on and engage the Atmosphere Autopilot mod’s fly-by-wire mode. You should use the ‘moderation’ and ‘coordinated turn’ settings.

  • Press action group 3 to increase the flap deflection. For larger payloads you will need maximum deflection. Toggle the engines with action group 1, and use ⅔ throttle when empty, and maximum throttle when at max capacity.

  • Rotate at 90m/s when empty, and 110m/s at maximum cargo capacity. When the aircraft is above 130m/s you should reduce flap deflection with action group 4.

  • The aircraft will stall below 95m/s, so for short landings do not rely on gliding. Use maximum flap deflection and the airbrakes while increasing throttle to maintain airspeed. Once you have touched down, quickly press action group 2 to toggle the thrust reversers and increase throttle to maximum.

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