Bigfin Shuttle Mk2 [FAR + Stock]
by Elmetian
uploaded 2017-04-13
mod spaceplane
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The Bigfin Mk2 is an improved version of my medium lifter. It is capable of hauling 15 tons into equatorial orbit, or 12 tons into a polar orbit. The shuttle is built specifically for Ferram Aerospace.

I strongly recommend that you use the Atmosphere Autopilot mod as the stock SAS doesn’t make full use of the control surfaces. I use ‘Fly-by-wire’ with ‘Rocket Mode’ turned on when ascending, and just ‘Fly-by-wire’ mode with the other settings off for reentry and landing.

Flight Instructions:

  • Make sure that the payload is attached to the front of the cargo bay. It is more stable with a payload of a at least a few tonnes (the craft comes with a dummy payload)

  • Use space bar to launch, not the action groups. Make sure to max the throttle before igniting the SRBs and staging the launch clamps. The shuttle will begin climbing and moving sideways, so begin pitching over to the East immediately.

  • Pitch over so that at 3km altitude so that the velocity vector is at about 70°, and 14km you’re at 45°. Throttle down to 2/3 after staging the SRBs and follow the prograde marker to orbit. Use the Vernier thrusters if the shuttle is struggling to remain stable.

  • When reentering, make sure to move liquid fuel into the wings. This will keep the CoM in front of the CoL, ensuring the vehicle remains stable.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 106
  • Mods: 2


  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Squad (stock)
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