Air Defence Frigate
by Elmetian
uploaded 2016-08-15
mod ship
#Ship #BDArmory #Weapon #Trimaran #Military


A trimaran frigate armed with a 30mm Oerlikon cannon, 4× 30mm M230 chain guns, and 8× VLS silos containing a total of 32 RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles.

Its sensor suite includes long range S-band radar, 4x fixed AESA tracking radars, and a target illumination radar.

Its top speed is 18.2m/s (36 knots). I’m not sure if FAR is required but it may behave differently without it. You may notice a slightly slower top speed.

The craft spawns with launch stability enhancers. You need to use the Vessel Mover Continued mod to then move it out to sea. The stability enhancers will automatically stage and release when you use to mod to move it.

Strange issues with buoyancy may be caused by tweakscale not updating the mass of a part (e.g. the propeller retains its huge original mass despite being only 40% of the size). Try removing and re-attaching the prop' to fix this, or changing the size using the part tweakables.

If the two boat mods are conflicting with each other over the use of the ‘water’ resource, you could try the Community Resource Mod.


  • BDArmory
  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Kerbal Attachment System
  • Large Boat Parts Pack - Common
  • MalFunc Industries
  • SM Marine
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!
  • ZZZ Flags


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 190
  • Mods: 9
  • Built in version: 1.1.3
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