KSS Centaur Mk1
by DyingCrow
uploaded 2017-08-10
stock station
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A stock aircraft called KSS Centaur Mk1. Built with 493 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackLarge.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

The actual part count after launch, without the boosters, is 331.

After debating the viability, cost and logistic effort to transfer an existing Gas Station station to Duna (and later assemble a new one as replacement), as it had been planned, the KSC administration contracted Crow’s Junkyard, once more, for an alternative solution. An old design that was never fully developed, the Centaur (no one knows where that name came from) was dusted and tossed in the table.
Maybe the pick was the correct one, since the Centaur, with a few adaptations, can be very flexible and serve a number of roles, although in this released configuration it’s just a mobile ore converter that can hold a lot of fuel. The 6 cargo holds can be modified to transport a variety of other cargo from orbit to orbit, such as science equipment, probes, surface base parts, all that junk, instead of planning several, more expensive, different launches from surface to surface.
Although designed to operate around Duna and Eve, it can easily operate within Kerbin’s SOI as well, having more then enough fuel to move around without worries. After launch, it can immediately transfer to the Mun or Minmus.
It was calculated that, with proper logistic support, some planning and a few modifications, it will be able to operate almost anywhere in the Kerbol system, although there is no one qualified at the KSC to do the proper calculations.
Also, it must be taken into consideration that carrying a full load of ore significantly decreases it’s total d/v, which may have severe diminishing returns.
NOTE: test the craft in orbit to adjust autostrutting as necessary, because Kraken

Features (in it’s current configuration):
- 6 medium MK3 cargo bays
- 2 ISRU 250
- 8 large holding tanks
- Capacity for 78540 LF and 65460 Oxi
- Accommodations for 33 Kerbals.
- 1 large and 6 medium docking ports
- 6 Gigantors
- 1 relay antenna
- RCS capability for fine tuning orbits or encounters.

Launch instructions:
FPS will likely tank because KSP.
This is quite a heavy beast, unlikely to spin out of control, but a bit hard to steer. Pitch slowly for the standard gravity turn, being @ 45deg @ 10k then more or less hold Prograde. There is enough fuel to circularize and transfer to the Mun or Minmus, even with a few mistakes.
For unknown reasons, the main engines like to turn on at launch, completely ignoring staging. The default toggle main engines is 1, still check the action groups. Turn main engines off, as they will be very inefficient, and are not necessary until 2nd stage is released. The 1st stage SRB will crash and explode on the 2nd stage, but i saw no problems with it, just extra fireworks. Just make sure you’re going straight so they don’t bust the tail fins. When the second stage is dry, wait for the sepratrons to do their thing before engaging main engines. I didn’t add any recovery solution for the 2nd stage, feel free to modify as you deem necessary


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: station
  • Part Count: 493
  • Pure Stock
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