Martin MH-1
by DraWay
uploaded 2016-06-01
stock aircraft
#bird #Stock #reusable #testing #goodflyer

Martin MH-1. Multirole modular falcon.

Built with 51 of the random pieces, this metal(?) bird can handle almost any role for you, if stuffed with proper payload. Just have some patience… Or more boosters!
And it completely mod-free!

Payload carriages not included.

                         Built in the SPH in stock KSP version 1.1.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 51
  • Pure Stock

Originally this was just a testbed for my modular plane in-flight mission switching system (oh, such pathetic name) Then turned out that it actually flies pretty good.

Thanks to pair of Wheesley high-bypass engines and special pattern of avionics, Martin MH-1 behaves in the skies more like a bird rather than a piece of metal.

Low takeoff speed, almost perfect handling (some analog input recommended), good stability, and literally zero landing speed with any payload you can squeeze in there. Decent range / flight time, which can be better with fuel-containing modules installed.

This is the thing that’s just nice to fly - and it can be even useful!


As Wheesleys aren’t created for speed or altitude records or anything, Martin MH-1 is just… slow. Slow big lazy bird.

It barely capable of reaching that stratosphere waypoints of stock kontracts, and it will take hours to make it fly around the world.

Howewer, we’re in Kerbal world. You always can just stick in some boosters as payload!

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