by Dr_Farnsworth
uploaded 2016-07-15
stock ship
#SSTO #crewtransport #cargo

Capable of crew transport or cargo delivery up a 150k orbit and returning without needing to refuel at an orbital station. The Lemur was designed to facilitate crew transport duty for my orbiting station around Kerbin and it works like a charm.
Flight profile: After rotation off the runway, bring the speed up to about 300 m/s and slowly bring the nose up to about 45 deg. Hold that position until you get to about 8k altitude then bring the nose down to 10 deg. Hold that attitude until you explode or your out of air and need to change to closed cycle on your rapiers. If you fly it perfectly you can hit 1500 m/s before the engines start starving for air.
Rentry: Move fuel to the rear of the craft and hit action group 2 to deploy the elevators. Enter the atmosphere pointing straight up to present as much of the surface area of the craft as you can to assist in slowing down. The craft is very stable and will descend at a 45 deg. angle Once you have dropped to about 1400 m/s, transfer all the fuel to the front of the craft.

Currently there is a bug that will cause sections of the craft to load out of alignment if the landing gear are retracted. This only happens when the game re-loads the craft with the wheels stowed. An example: When you release the docking port from the station you are attached to it will happen when the craft re-loads. The workaround is to un-dock with the landing gear deployed. Just retract them once you have detached from the station.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 50
  • Pure Stock
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