Jeb Flyer MKII
by Dr_Farnsworth
uploaded 2016-09-05
stock aircraft
#stock #electric #propeller

Good news everyone!
The remnants of a vintage Jeb-Flyer flying machine was discovered last month! A curious engineer found the dusty pieces while rummaging though an old dilapidated hangar on the outskirts of town. Farnsworth Rocket Surgery has painstakingly recreated the antique contraption and added a few nifty safety features (just a seat belt).
How to operate:
1. Eva out of the capsule and board the command chair.
2. Stage to separate the propeller from the flying machine.
3. Change focus to the propeller ( [ or ] ) and trim the roll all the way to the left (alt + q).
4. Make sure you yell Contact when the prop starts spinning!
5. Change focus back to the craft and stage again to release launch clamps.
6. Make sure SAS is on.
7. The flying machine will eventually lift off, eventually.

Top speed in level flight is somewhere around 51 m/s.
It can be flown without SAS if you trim the elevators a bit. It flies wonderfully!
It may be the most enjoyable craft I have ever made.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 125
  • Pure Stock
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