Arcadia Space Shuttle
by DemoRevolution
uploaded 2019-12-08
stock+DLC ship
#spaceshuttle #shuttle #srb #atlantis #challenger


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 1344
  • Pure Stock

This is an older model of the arm, the newest version uses a small servo as the elbow


Space Shuttle Arcadia!

Capable of on orbit construction using its included robotic arm, and carrying payloads up to 60 tons into low Kerbin orbit.

The launchpad is included, and can easily be removed by deleting the decoupler on the bottom right side of the fixed service structure.

This was originally completed before breaking ground was released, so the crew access arm and ET hat components use stock hinges.

Be careful when rotation to the desired launch azimuth. It takes some practice, but once youre through that, the rest of the launch is easy.

Ares V and Ares I not included

SRB Recovery:
  1. Have SRB’s burn out between 40 and 70 km in altitude.
  2. Once the ET is ready to be released (PE should be around 20km at ET sep) switch back to the SRBs (ignore abandon flight if your craft is above 30-40km it wont actually delete your current flight)
  3. Switch control to the probe cores in the nose of the SRBs and set throttle to 0% for both
  4. Unlock the LFO tank at the nose of the SRB’s
  5. Use parachutes to slow down, once chutes deploy start the engine on one SRB and allow it to burn until it has about 15 m/s left. This gives you time to switch between and control descent speed.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.8.1.

Flight Instructions:


  1. when SSMEs start, press AG 6 to disable oxygen purge
  2. Rotate to azimuth with shuttle under ET
  3. Press AG7 just before SRB cutoff
  4. Continue with shuttle and have MECO (AG1 to toggle SSMEs) when PE reaches 20km
  5. Switch to SRB recovery to know how to recover them
  6. Use RCS to separate from ET
  7. Press AG2 to enable OMS engines
  8. Circularize at AP


  1. Burn at the large crater lake east of the desert
  2. Burn until path touches KSC
  3. use AG3 to burn off remaining fuel
  4. Hold between 10 and 40 degrees AOA on reentry, modulating S-turns to keep path heading to KSC
  5. Use deploy on the tail to help modulate speed
  6. Will need to enable control surfaces once below 600 m/s
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