AGM-114 Hellfire
by ConnieTheTomcat
uploaded 2020-02-10
stock aircraft
#missile #stock #hellfire


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 142
  • Pure Stock

CK Weapons systems brings to you the brand new AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missile! This missile can penetrate a wide variety of targets, or detonate en-route to deal massive damage over a small area.

The DETCAM ™ capture shows the destruction a simple kinetic impact from the AGM-114 can achieve.

Your AGM-114 will come attached to a hardpoint that can easily be attached to your aircraft via the I-beam located on top.

The AGM-114 is not to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon, using the AGM-114 as an anti-aircraft weapon may result in friendly pilots [EXPLICATIVE] themselves.
As tempting as it is, do not attempt to insert the AGM-114 into any part of your body, be it your mouth, anal cavity, etc;
Do not launch the AGM-114 at churches, testing found out that doing so summons the kraken (as shown in the picture to the right).

1.) Attach to aircraft (fixed wing/rotocraft)
2.) Fly said aircraft near target (less than 6mi./10km)
3.) Drop the AGM-114
4.) Switch control to the AGM-114 (by using ])
5.) Stage rocket motors
6.) Set target as target in the internal SAS system and set SAS to track target
7.) Terminal guidance - Pitch and yaw to keep the prograde marker matching the target marker on navball

Buy the AGM-114 hellfire now for only $78,000!

(Warranty void if launched)

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