ALPHA-1 Centauri Hypersonic SAM Turret
by Concorde_Gaming
uploaded 2022-10-02
mod base
#fireandforgetmissiles #hypersonicweapons #surfacetoairmissile #sam #samturret


Autonomous Laser-Positioned Hypersonic Armament

The latest in military defense, this SAM turret contains missiles rated for shooting down hypersonic planes or enemy scout spaceplanes. The turret itself cannot pitch, so the missile does most of the guidance.

This turret contains 3 ALPHA-1 Centauri hypersonic missiles taken off of a hypersonic top-secret aircraft, and reprogrammed for surface-to-air purposes. In the event the weapon misses its target, it will swing back around and fly towards its target again until impact with its target or the terrain. And if the Infinite Fuel cheat is enabled, the missiles have infinite range, so there will be NO running from these missiles, so try to keep the turret from falling into the wrong hands. Though, gladly, there was an unfixable bug in the missiles’ reprogramming which required the missiles to be laser-guided by the turret, so a Communotron 88-88 was rebuilt into a laser-positioning system that always is pointed to the sky. That means that if either the probe core of the turret or the laser antenna is destroyed, the missiles can no longer function properly. But do be quick! The missiles are fast, so you are on a time limit.

Before launch of any of the missiles, set throttle to 50%. This may give the missiles a while to reach its fast-moving target, but it will allow for the greatest mix of speed and maneuverability. For anything slower, set the throttle to a lower level.

Do keep in mind, these are fire-and-forget missiles, so they need SAS set to point towards target. That’s how they are laser-guided missiles. When the probe core or antenna is destroyed, if you wish to follow the plot, set the missiles’ SAS to point to straight ahead, towards prograde, or turn it off completely.

This turret works best with an earlier creation I made, Darkstar, which is where I got the missiles from. The missiles are easy to control, but Darkstar itself is hard to turn at its cruising speed, so the missiles can make up for that. Darkstar is also the only thing I built that can outrun the turret’s missiles, or at least outperform them, for the most part.

A mod rocket called ALPHA-1 Centauri Hypersonic SAM Turret. Built with 188 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackLarge.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.5.1.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: base
  • Part Count: 188
  • Mods: 2
  • KSP: 1.5.1


  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!
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