Pigeon 9
by CommanderSpork
uploaded 2016-05-12
stock lifter
#pigeon #9 #ship #lifter #rocket


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 182
  • Pure Stock

When Melon Kerman unveiled the Pigeon 9 rocket and Iguana V2 capsule at the annual Meeting of Important and Smart People, many were simply shocked that Atrociously Ambiguous Aerospace’s CEO would even consider such a ludicrous concept - recovering the entire first stage by powered landing! Notably, Rambunctious Redneck Rocketry’s CEO, Donald Kerman, chucked a model of the Spork VIII at Melon while shouting You think your little matchstick can compete with us? One year and a considerable chunk of the market share later, it is unclear yet whether Mr. Donald regrets underestimating AAA, LLC.

The Pigeon 9’s first stage is capable of returning to the KSC after separation, though with a very small margin of error. The bottom two fuel tanks are disabled as a fuel reserve for the return and must be re-enabled after separation. If you don’t care about trying to recover the stage, simply enable them in the VAB (this will give you more payload to orbit capacity). For recovery, stage 1 includes RCS thrusters, airbrakes, and landing gear. The keybind 1 will toggle off the outer 8 Vector engines and leave the center engine active for landing.

The Iguana V2 crew capsule and cargo trunk come built into the rocket. The capsule can hold three Kerbals and includes science experiments, an antenna, fuel cells, RCS thrusters/monopropellant tanks, a docking port, forward spotlights, solar panels, parachutes Lf/Ox tanks, 8 Thud engines, and landing legs. The capsule can land with parachutes, however this may cause damage and it is designed to touch down softly with the main engines. The cargo trunk can bring small loads to orbit with the capsule, stored inside the fairing. With the capsule, the trunk has been tested to carry at least 12.4 tons to LKO. Important: the capsule should be reentered at a shallow angle to avoid overheating the engines.

The capsule/trunk can be removed and replaced with a fairing for pure cargo missions. The Pigeon 9 can carry at least 50 tons to LKO in reusable mode (it has not been tested with higher mass payloads). The lower two tanks can, of course, be switched on to increase payload in expendable mode.

The Pigeon 9 is built with 182 parts made of solidified hype.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.1.2.

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