Kenergia 2.0
by CommanderSpork
uploaded 2016-03-20
(updated 2017-09-04)
stock ship
#energia #spaceplane #kenergia #buran #burannott


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 162
  • Pure Stock

Atrociously Ambiguous Aerospace, LLC and Flakbadger Manufacturing present the Kenergia and Burannott 2.0, the pinnacle of power, crew capacity, and reusability. AAA contracted a leading expert on shuttle designs for this upgrade from the original Kenergia launch vehicle to create an elegant yet functional spacecraft that can deploy and service payloads in a high range of altitudes and inclinations around Kerbin, from geostationary to polar. The Burannott also features air-breathing jet engines for atmospheric flight to extend its range when coming in for a landing approach. The Kenergia may be an unwiedly beast, but it delivers unmatched performance and efficiency.

Kenergia comes with the Burannott shuttle. This combination can be launched into equatorial prograde and retrograde, polar, and keostationary orbits. I recommend the use of the mod GravityTurn to simplify its launch:


  • When launching, right click the probe core and click ‘control from here’.

  • All payloads must be mounted on the side. Add counterweight as necessary to stabilize its flight with heavy payloads.

  • Burannott’s two engines are set at approximately 75% power. If it is carrying a heavier payload, their thrust may need to be increased..

  • It is set with action groups to toggle the main engines, orbital engines, jet engines, afterburners, cargo bay, and in-flight abort.

  • To abort a launch in-progress, click the abort button or hit backspace (default abort keybind). This will decouple Burannott and automatically make the wing elevons pitch up, pulling it away from Kenergia. Click abort/press backspace again to toggle the elevons back to normal.

Kenergia 2.0 is 100% stock, made with 162 delicious and crunchy parts.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.

Based on the Soviet Energia. Thanks to Flakbadger for assistance. #BuranMasterRace

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