Happy Little Plane
by CommanderSpork
uploaded 2015-08-30
stock aircraft
#happy #little #plane #cute #cuddly
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Atrociously Ambiguous Aeronautics, LLC is happy to unveil the Happy Little Plane, the happiest, safest, kid-friendliest little plane you’ll ever fly. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love the Happy Little Plane that we’ve included a blue headlight for FREE! Great for blinding all incoming traffic! And if you order within the next twenty minutes, we’ll double your order! That’s two Happy Little Planes, two blue headlights, and double the satisfaction!¨¨AAA is not responsible for death or dismemberment as a result of being sucked into the exposed turbofan intake. Warrenty void if flown. See store for details. Not available in stores.

Happy Little Plane is 100% stock. Built with 17 paper mache parts.

Safety features:

  • Four main parachutes to completely stop motion and slowly bring the plane down.
  • Two drogue chutes to assist with runway landing.
  • Blue headlight.
  • Will land safely in water and can drive slowly back to land.
  • Instructions:

  • The plane will naturally take off by itself on a flat surface.
  • After use of a parachute, it must be manually repacked on EVA. All parachutes are within repacking range while grabbing onto the side of the cockpit.
  • Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.4.

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    • Type: SPH
    • Class: aircraft
    • Part Count: 17
    • Pure Stock
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