Advanced Solid Rocket Booster
by CommanderSpork
uploaded 2015-10-22
stock lifter
#solid #rocket #booster #large #stock
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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 89
  • Pure Stock
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Updated version!

The Advanced Solid Rocket Booster (ASRB) was developed by Rambunctious Redneck Rocketry, LLC as the primary lifting mechanism for their Kerbin Launch System. With a thrust of over 2,375kN, separation boosters, remote guidance, retrograde nose engines, and recovery parachutes, the ASRB is easily the latest and greatest must-have for all your unconventionally large rocket needs.

This is a standalone version of the ASRB used on the KLS rocket: ( ) It is not a subassembly, I left it as a ship so that you can modify it as needed. To make it into a subassembly, grab it by the lowest girder (the root part) and drag it into the box in the subassembly tab.

To attach to a decoupler on a rocket:

  • Add one of the large girders to the decoupler and rotate it up so that it’s vertical.

  • Drag the booster out from the subassembly (it will probably be upside down for whatever reason, so you’ll need to face it up)

  • Move the bottom end of the lowest girder of the booster (the root part) onto the free attachment node of the girder you put on the decoupler. The free node will be facing up if you rotated correctly.

  • It should snap into place as with any other part. Add struts to the rocket as needed.

  • In symmetry mode, only one of the boosters will have the fairing. Fix this by right clicking the fairing base and clicking ‘Edit fairing,’ which will let you change the last segment of the fairing.

  • Close off the fairing and the whole thing will appear on all the others.

Objects outside of a certain range inside of the atmosphere will automatically be deleted. However, if you have a mod to recover spent stages, this is how the nose of the booster works:

  • The first stage after the sepratrons deploys the nosecone fairing.

  • The second stage activates the retrograde engines. As the booster comes down, face it prograde and fire them to slow to around 200-250 m/s.

  • At this speed, the parachutes can be safely deployed with the third stage.

Parts inside the nosecone:

  • 4 small batteries

  • 8 solar panels

  • 12 radial parachutes

  • 1 large parachute

  • 1 probe core

  • 1 medium reaction wheel module

  • 1 small Lf/Ox tank

  • 8 retrograde engines

The Advanced Solid Rocket Booster is 100% stock and 89 parts.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.0.4.

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