WO Jefferson
by ChiefWeeph
uploaded 2017-03-09
stock spaceplane
#infinity #space #plane #refuel #harvest

The WO Jefferson is the latest in this series of spaceplane and associated craft. This plane is infinity range with on board refueling capabilities. Simply make Minmus your first destination, refuel, and you can go just about anywhere!

The vessel is extremely efficient, with a low part count of just 52 and a weight of under 50 tons! It also comes equipped with a full RCS controls set and a docking port for hooking up with your other craft.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 52
  • Pure Stock

Flight Instructions

  • Take off and pitch to 10 degrees

  • At roughly 10,000 meters, level off to reach 450+ m/s if necessary, then continue climbing at 10 degrees

  • At 18,000 meters activate the Nerve Atomic Rockets (Action 2)

  • When Rapier thrust levels drop below 40, toggle to closed cycle (Action 3) and angle up to 40 degrees

  • When apoapsis reaches 90,000 meters, cut engines and coast to circularization. You will likely not have enough oxidizer to circularize, so account time for just using the Nerve’s

  • Head to Minmus and refuel (I recommend refueling everything, including oxidizer). Then you’re set to go just about anywhere.


You need at least 1000 units of liquid fuel left while in Kerbin orbit to make it to Minmus and land. If you don’t have this, deorbit and try again.

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