WSH-500 WingShip
by Castille7
uploaded 2016-11-18
stock ship

If you enjoy critical and precision landings and takeoffs you will enjoy the craft. WSH-500 is a Korean Manufacturer craft designed to created a pocket of air under it’s wings giving it a cushion of air to ride on. My version thanks to KSP can do so much more. I’ve tried many engines and added lots of fuel during testing and I think the Wheesley Engines give it the best feel of a real aircraft of it’s size. I recommend watching the original craft video to see the involvement and achievements that were made in this engineering feat.

Action Groups
1 & 2 - Toggle Wheesley Engines
3 - Reverse Wheesley Engines
4 - Toggle Ladders
5 - Landing Lights
6 - Cabin Lights

Operation: Apply full throttle & SAS for takeoff from the runway using the entire runway for liftoff if you are planning Flight, if you are planning to travel to the coastline be slow and cautious. When transporting personnel the passengers must exit by transfers to the Cupola Module. I’ve often used the RCS for landing on runways or to get out of a nose dive. RCS is needed for takeoffs from the water, this is a timming critical task so use full throttle and only RCS at the time of liftoff by pressing the K key when reaching 40 m/s. Water landing must been done near 40 m/s to insure no damages. I have been reducing throttle to half and keeping my Altitude and Airspeed as close to match as possilble hitting Action Group 3 to reverse engines.

Special Note: If you ever have any troubles operating any craft I have built please feel free to ask for addtional instruction. All of my craft builds are very capable of doing what they have been desgined and said to do. I would like to take this time to thank you for taking the time to launch, fly, steer, drive or crash the craft I have shared here and on KerbalX.

A stock aircraft called WSH-500 WingShip. Built with 180 of the finest parts, its root part is probeCoreOcto2.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 180
  • Pure Stock
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