Strike Force
by Castille7
uploaded 2015-12-18
stock aircraft
#star #wars

Craft Assembly: Nose Cone Type-A, Mk2 to 1.25m Adaptor Long, Mk2 Inline Cockpit, Mk2 Rocket Fuel Fuselage Short, Mk2 Bicoupler, Whiplash Engine, R.A.P.I.E.R Engine, Pre-Cooler, Cone Intakes, Mk1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage, Big-S Delta Wing, Tail Connector A, A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S., Fuel Cell

Missle Assembly: Oscar B Fuel Tanks, J-20 Juno Engine, Sepratron I Engine, Octagonal Strut, Cubic Octagonal Strut, Basic Fin

Engineer’s Report Parts - 276 Mass - 100.3t

Size Height - 6.6m Width - 16.0m Length - 21.2m

Flight Operations: Engage SAS, throttle up to full then press spacebar Between 80m/s - 90m/s hold flaps (S-Key) to lift and don’t let go until the craft lifts.

Weaponry Operations: Firing sequence, Press Spacebar once and the J-20 Juno will ignite, Press Spacebar again and the Missle will decouple and the Sepratron I’s will ignite. This process is repeated for each Missle Launch.

Landing Operations: Speeds under 100m/s closer to 50m/s, not an easy task because handling speed under 100m/s is difficult and speeds over 70m/s the craft becomes unstable on it’s landing gear.

Flight Controls 1-Whiplash Engines 2-Rapier Engines

A stock aircraft called Strike Force. Built with 276 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Inline.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.5.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 276
  • Pure Stock

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