Energy Source
by Castille7
uploaded 2016-10-08
stock spaceplane

This is probably one of the best craft achievements I have and the most sophisticated to operate. SSTO Energy Source has been through quite a few changes and testing. Model A is the first version, I wasn’t happy with the triple wings. Model B is the second version which had 12 Vectors and 8 Rapiers, the Vectors were too much weight in the stern of the craft, these were swapped to the 12 Rapiers and 8 Vectors. Regrets are the amount of fuel it is bringing to Orbit I was hoping to get both Jumbo Mobile Tanks Full of fuel to Orbit. With 2 CRG-100, 2 CRG-50 bays and docking ports there are many options for cargo.

Parts: 452
Mass: 661.750t
Height: 12.4m
Width: 38.1m
Length: 43.2m

Takeoff Procedures
At takeoff engage RCS & SAS, apply full throttle
Nose up at the end of the runway
Steer to 25 degrees and hold until you reach 315 m/s while lifting landing gear
Note: Keep a smooth and easy liftoff, don’t deviate from course until the gravity turn.

Gravity Turn
At 15,000m reduce throttle to half, begin GT near 40,000m killing Vector engines when 91,000m apoapsis is reached, burning again near T- 1.30 using your throttle and steering as you see needed to complete the Orbit. Killing engines and drifting close to the apoapsis repeatedly may be necessary, I think this is called doing a split burn I am not sure, my rocketry knowledge is not too great I am still a noobie when it comes to rocketry.

Most important first, transfer all remaining fuel to the most forward fuel tank behind the Cockpit and engage Radiator Panels.

A stock aircraft called Energy Source. Built with 452 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.3.

Action Groups:
1-Toggle Vector Engines
2-Toggle Rapier Engines
3-Toggle Rapier Mode
4-Toggle Bay Doors
5-Decouple Port Mobile Fuel Tank
6-Decouple Starboard Mobile Fuel Tank
7-Toggle Mobile Tank Photovoltic Panels
8-Toggle Mobile Tank Clamp-O-Tron Shield
9-Toggle Radiator Panels
10-Toggle Bay Lights

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