by Castille7
uploaded 2015-10-17
stock aircraft

The craft was assembled with 24 Whiplash Engines, 6 Ram Air Intakes, 2 ISRU Converters, 2 Large Holding Tanks, 14 Fuel Cell Arrays, 2 Mining Excavators & 2 Engine Pre-Coolers. The man hours envolved in Fabrication left us with small amounts of funding for the advertizing department. We would like to elaborate more on the features and capabilities of the craft like how much Ore can be taken aboard and still manage a liftoff, can it circumnavigate Kerbin etc….. these answers are left up to the Pilots that enjoy KSP VTOL crafts.

Flight Operations: Engage RCS and SAS, throttle up to full then press spacebar for the Lift Engines to engage and a second time for the Port, Starboard and Rear Engines to engage after leaving ground level. When Landing use the downward thrusters to help control your descent. Note: Use at least one pilot to control the craft the remote control will not give correct control, most all of our Dropships and VTOL crafts are designed this way.

Flight Controls 1-Lift Engines 2-Rear Engines 3-Port & Starboard Engines 4-Start Fuel Cell Arrays 5-Stop Fuel Cell Arrays 6-Deploy Drill and Toggle the Drill Safety Lights 7-Start Surface Harvester 8-Stop Surface Harvester 9-Vertical Landing Lights 10-Scanners, Anntenas & Photovoltic Panels

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