by CaptainRoach
uploaded 2016-07-20
stock ship

Tired of flying thousands of miles only to stuff the landing because you didn’t notice a 2 degree change in slope? Embarassed about having to ‘Recover Vessel’ like a punk if you do manage to land, since taking off in rough terrain is such a gamble?

These concerns are a thing of the past. The Mallard is fully amphibious, capable of landing and taking off from water or ground with equal ease. It comes fitted with the usual science suite, along with a small ISRU and drills for extended missions away from home.

Operating from water:

Takeoff - Point away from the shore, SAS on, full throttle. Kick in the afterburners and the takeoff flaps (action groups 1 and 2) at about 30 m/s, then slowly ease back on the stick at around 60. Raise the flaps as soon as you’re off and you’re good to fly.

Landing - Get down to about 20/30 m altitude, cut throttle and raise the airbrakes. The sweet spot is a vertical speed of about -5 m/s and a horizontal speed of about 50/60. Flare a bit (but not too much) just as you’re about to touch down.

Operating from land: I’m sure you can figure it out.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 76
  • Pure Stock

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