by CaptainRoach
uploaded 2017-11-05
(updated 2017-11-05)
stock ship

Ocean-going science base for surveying coastal areas.

Science lab and equipment, large converter and drills for refuelling and large fuel cells to help power it all.

Space for around 20 Kerbals and a large cargo hold for an auxilliary vehicle of your choice. (Sold separately to keep part count down)

Top speed of around 21 m/s in water with an endurance of 6 hours. Range of about 500 km cruising at 2/3 throttle.

Semi-amphibious, you can drag yourself ashore like a walrus if you can find a shallow enough beach. Scout mining locations first with your buggy to save time and effort.

Beaching the ship: gear down, approach shore at under 10 m/s. Keep it slow while on land, under 20 m/s, and remember that you’re driving a boat. To launch, just approach the water at under 20 m/s and you should be fine.

While on land, AG6 will raise and lower the front landing gear, allowing you to rest the nose on the ground and giving you a better angle for the cargo ramp if you’re having trouble. Adjust angle of the ramp to suit.

AG7 toggles the docking ramp inside the cargo bay, this is so your buggy is held up with its wheels clear of the floor when docked, hopefully stopping it glitching when released. Make sure this ramp is down before undocking, it has a helpuful red warning lamp.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 150
  • Pure Stock

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