by CaptainRoach
uploaded 2017-06-07
(updated 2017-06-07)
stock aircraft

No introductions necessary I think. Based on the original GR.1

For vertical take-offs simply switch on SAS, apply the brakes and hit AG 2 for the VTOL engines. AG 3 turns on the main engine when you have enough altitude, then you can turn off the jump jets once you have some speed up.

For rolling take-offs it’s best to use the VTOL jets as well as the main engine, the main landing gear interferes with a standard take-off. AG 4 toggles flaps but they are of limited use, you’re better off not using them tbh.

For vertical landings… I won’t lie, it’s tricky. Turn on the jump jets then hit AG 1 to toggle reverse thrust on the main engine til you come to a halt. Try and keep your descent speed below 20 m/s or you will nose down and die in a fireball. Best of luck.

Conventional landings are conventional.

Range is poor and handling is a little iffy. But I think it looks sexy.

Built in KSP Version 1.2


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 40
  • Pure Stock

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