G-10 Baron
by C7-Rejects
uploaded 2017-09-10
stock rover


Basically everything from the prototype version but with a FREAKING AFTERBURNING PANTHER TURBOFAN!!!!

Why this is the ultimate terrestrial racing machine:
- Top Speed: Aerodynamically unstable at ~300 m/s
- Comfortable Cornering Speed (DRS Enabled) *: < 70 m/s
- Max Cornering Speed (DRS Disabled) *: < 115 m/s
- Brakes balanced to prevent understeer
- Control surfaces rebalanced
- Wheel height altered
- You have to really try in order to flip this thing
- Very stable and predictable
- See the prototype for more info
*(D.R.S. or Drag Reduction System is disabled when the spoilers are deployed, and vice versa)

Tips for Use:
- I strongly recommend test driving several times and tweaking the wing settings for more personalization
- You may not want engine gimbal if using a keyboard, steering is sensitive even with only front wheel steering
- Has rear wheel drive for low-speed cruising
- Beware of bumps, those are deadly
- Disabling D.R.S. trades speed for down force. Use when approaching a turn
- Disabling D.R.S. also helps to regain control from a wild oscillation fit
- Steep learning curve

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

This is the second-most extreme craft I’ve built to-date (after the I-9 Rancor)

Got a project idea for me to try?

Let me know!

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