Airbus A330-300
by Brushwing
uploaded 2021-01-02
| Version 1 of 2
stock+DLC aircraft
#airliner #stock


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 1069
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.11.0

The A330 is a twin-aisle high capacity twin-engine aircraft from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. It is part of the A330/A340 family and serves as a longer-range and higher capacity successor to the company’s successful A300. It continues to serve with airlines worldwide and has been succeeded by a new iteration, the A330neo.

This build needs the nothing.png flag and both DLCs

Download the .png here:

This replica is nimble, maneuverable and easy to fly as long as you don’t pull the controls too hard. It takes off and lands at an unusually slow speed, being controllable at speeds as low as 40 m/s. The airframe itself is robust being able to take relatively strong g-forces (at least for a plane this size). The reversers are activated by Action Group 2 and will overheat if you leave them on for too long, but you’ll rarely ever need them anyway. Flaps are activated by Action Group 1 and are for mostly aesthetic purposes.

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