Rotary Gun Reloading Mechanism
by BrodyL
uploaded 2016-01-09
stock ship
#stock #ballistic #weapon #gun #rotary

Rotary Gun Reloading System Mk.1


If you found this page and have not seen the Youtube video, please watch the video on how stock ballistic weapons work. It’s at the right over there.

This is a simple rotating gun reloading system. It’s like a lazy susan, except with bullets. It will be upgraded eventually to have a simple locking groove system, but for now, you have to manually line up the bullet on the rotating part with the launch platform on the stationary part.

How To Use It

Once the vehicle is launched, action group 10 (the zero key) will detach the rotating part of the vehicle. The craft is now technically two vehicles as far as the game is concerned. The two part are locked together and the only parts on them that physically make contact are wheels, allowing the top vehicle to rotate smoothly on the bottom one. You can switch to the craft on the top by using the bracket keys [ and ] to switch back and forth. You can rotate the top vehicle by using the roll keys, Q and E. I recommend using SAS (the T key) to lock it in place. Unfortunately, you must manually line up the bullet with the platform (see YouTube video). Once you do, press the action group to release that particular round. The round that is above the platform when the vehicle is spawned is linked to action group 1. Continue to rotate the bearing clockwise to reach the next round (2,3,4,etc.). There are 8 rounds total. To fire a platformed round, switch to the stationary half of the craft and use the staging to activate the rocket engine at full throttle. Your round should then launch. If you kept up with all of that, then this should work fine; I have not run into any issues with this design, so long as the round is properly lined up. If it is not, it may curve in mid-air accordingly. If you run into issues or have questions, feel free to comment (preferably on the YouTube channel, I probably won’t see it otherwise) or even better, record a video of the issue or question. Thanks for downloading or at the very least, taking the time to read this.

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