I-1 'Sioux'
by BrodyL
uploaded 2016-01-02
stock aircraft
#harrier #cockpit #cool #jet

I-1 Sioux

A simple harrier style jet outfitted with afterburning J-404 Panther jet engines. It has a smooth, minimalistic look (If that word means what I think it does). It has wing space and ground clearance to fit a missile on each wing. It’s slow (just like yo mamma) and can probably get you from point A to point B four out of five times.
Joking aside, It’s a pretty nice craft. Performs well, fun to fly, and looks nice. It is pretty slow, so it’s mostly just good for flying around KSC, the Old Airbase, and the mountains north of KSC. I mostly just uploaded this to try out uploading to KerbalX. Oh yeah, I forgot the ladder to get into the cockpit…. have fun!


  • Part Count: 80
  • Max Fuel: 2740 Liters
  • Take Off Speed: ~56 m/s
  • Max Speed ASL: 203.9 m/s
  • Crew:1

Thanks for downloading the craft or at least checking this page out. Action group 1 is the afterburners, in case you didn’t realize there’s an action groups tab up above.

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