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uploaded 2019-09-04
stock+DLC lander
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The Modular Interplanetary Kerbal Shuttle System, MIKS for short, is the latest innovation from Brikoleur Aerospace Industries. It is not a single craft but an entire system, designed to shuttle significant numbers of kerbals (and, eventually, cargo) around the Kerbol system with a minimum of fuss. It consists of:

  • MIKS-01 KOS: the Passenger and Fuel Module (PFM) and Kerbin Orbital Shuttle (KOS)
  • MIKS-IT: the Interplanetary Tug, moving the PFM between celestial bodies
  • MIKS-MOS: the Munar Orbital Shuttle module, carrying the PFM to and from low Munar orbit

  • Version: 1.1 - Removed Cubs as they are unnecessary for Mun gravity even with a fully fueled PFM.

The MIKS-MOS (Munar Orbit Shuttle) is a component in the Modular Interplanetary Kerbal Shuttle (MIKS) system. It is designed for the Mun and other airless, medium-gravity bodies. It is capable of lofting a fully-fueled Passenger and Fuel Module (PFM) to and from orbit, and provides it a stable base and sufficient manoeuvring capability for easy landings.

After arriving in orbit around the destination, the PFM will transfer any remaining excess Lf to the Interplantary Tug module (IT), decouple from it, and dock with the MOS for the final leg of its journey. The IT will remain in orbit, waiting to take the PFM on more adventures once the MOS lifts it back there.

After performing its mission and refueling at the surface base, the MOS will return the PFM to orbit for RV and docking with the IT. It will remain there, waiting for the next PFM to serve.

Like all MIKS service modules, the MOS is autonomous, remote-controllable, and powered with a RTG, giving it the capability to function in the furthest reaches of the Kerbolar system. While it has been tested on the Mun, it is capable of serving any airless body in the system with the exception of Tylo.

The supplied craft is a launch that will get it to LMO with sufficient fuel to land an empty(ish) PFM.

A stock rocket called MIKS-MOS. Built with 69 of the finest parts, its root part is dockingPortLarge.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.7.3.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 69
  • Pure Stock
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