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(updated 2019-06-13)
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Kalypso is a specially modified BAK-68 Super Kadzook, built on commission for the famous oceanographer Kousteau Kerman. It is built to deliver and recover a mini-submarine ideal of exploring the oceans of Kerbin.

The submarine seats one, is electrically powered with two double propellers fed with fuel cells, and can reach a speed of 13 m/s.


The Kalypso has three action group sets: default for the helicopter, set 1 for the sub, and set 2 for the sub bay.

Default set - Helicopter

1 - Toggle power (fuel cells, clutch, jets)
5 - Toggle bay doors
Fwd/Back - Torque
Up/Down - Collective

Set 1 - Submarine

1 - Toggle power (lights, fuel cells)
2 - Crawl gear
3 - Operating gear
4 - Cruise gear
6 - Buoyancy assist
7 - Toggle docking mode
9 - Toggle reverse gear
10 - Toggle clutch
Fwd/Back - Torque
Up/Down - Propeller blade pitch
Abort - Jettison ballast

Set 2 - Submarine bay

1 - Decouple sub, arm bay
2 - Close bay guides (capture sub)
3 - Lock sub in place
5 - Toggle bay doors (same as in default set)
Up/Down - Raise/Lower docking port

Operating instructions

A Kalypso mission consists of four phases: flight to location, dive, recovery, and return.

Phase 1: Flight to location

  1. Fly to your target location as with any other BAK helicopter.
  2. Land on the water.
  3. Switch off power (Default/1)
  4. Open bay doors (Default/5)
  5. Switch to Bay action set
  6. Decouple sub and arm bay (Bay/1)

Phase 2: The dive

  1. Switch vessels to sub
  2. Switch to Submarine action set
  3. Toggle power (Sub/1)
  4. Toggle docking mode (Sub/7)
  5. Engage clutch (Sub/10)
  6. Adjust torque to maximum (F/B)
  7. When moving forward, engage operating gear (Sub/3)
  8. When desiring top speed, engage cruise gear (Sub/4) and fine-tune blade pitch (Up/Down)

Diving notes and warnings:

  • If manoeuvring hard in cruise gear, you may stall your motor. In that case simply shift down to operating gear (Sub/3).
  • When you want to move slowly, engage crawl gear (Sub/2).

WARNING: Avoid broaching the surface at high speed as this will damage your propellers.

Phase 3: The recapture

  1. Engage docking mode (Sub/7)
  2. Manoeuvre the sub into the submarine bay, nose forward
  3. Jettison ballast (Abort action)
  4. Switch vessels to mothership
  5. Switch to Bay action set
  6. Close bay guides (Bay/2)
  7. Lower docking port to capture the sub
  8. Raise docking port to pull the sub into the bay
  9. Lock the bay (Bay/3)
  10. Verify manually that the docking arm has locked
  11. Close bay doors (Bay/5)

Manoeuvring tips:

Steer the sub directly under the chopper as precisely as you can. Use the buoyancy controls to rise. Jettison ballast tank by tank. If pitching up or down more than you can control while stationary, control pitch by using the buoyancy controls asymmetrically.

Phase 4: The return

  1. Switch to Default action group
  2. Switch on power
  3. Fly home

NOTE: Navtilvs uses a similar buoyancy system as Projekt 11 Malek by Freze [1]. While I would have been surprised if I was the first to discover this system, I wasn’t aware of the craft when working on the Kalypso, and I developed it independently.

[1] https://kerbalx.com/Freze/Project-11-Malek

A stock aircraft called Kalypso. Built with 272 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.7.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 272
  • Pure Stock
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