BAK-9802C Gaudium
by Brikoleur
uploaded 2019-07-02
(updated 2019-07-02)
stock+DLC lifter
#eve #lifter #helicopter #career


The Gaudium C is a career-capable variant of the BAK-9802 ultra-light Eve lifter. The supplied configuration does not include the stages required to get to low Eve orbit.


When in low Eve orbit, activate the manoeuvring rockets (action 2) and set Pe to 50 km. Enter the atmosphere at surface retrograde. Once out of the hard deceleration phase and falling towards the surface, set SAS to surface radial out and blade pitch to 2-8 degrees and autorotate down, taking care not to allow RPM to pass 150 to prevent the rotor blades from buckling; lower pitches mean lower RPMs.

To land, set collective to 0.2 degrees just before touching down.

Extend ladders for surface access. Do not forget to collect the science from the payload in the payload bay before leaving, as the instruments will stay behind.

To prepare for take-off, pump fuel from the lander stage tank to the launcher and orbiter tanks. Switch crossfeed on for decouplers if necessary.

To take off, set blade pitch to 4 degrees and increase throttle until off the ground, then decouple the lander stage. Increase blade pitch to 14 degrees, increasing throttle to match, taking care not to allow RPM to exceed 150 until out of the soupy part of the atmosphere.

Once the doughnut tank runs out (around 38 km), stage the launcher and fly to orbit in a fairly steep arc due to the poor aerodynamics of kerbalkind.


1 - Toggle fuel cells and rotors
2 - Toggle manoeuvring jets
U/D - Collective
Throttle - Torque

A stock rocket called BAK-9802C Gaudium. Built with 46 of the finest parts, its root part is fuelTankSmallFlat.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.7.2.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 46
  • Pure Stock
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